RapidHold SuperStrength™ is a powerful concentrated water based Rust Inhibitor that can be used to prevent flash rusting of steel after cleaning. Once applied on steel, it forms a non greasy, invisible film on the surface. The film passivates the metal surface and inhibits the formation of superficial flash rust. RapidHold SuperStrength™ is the ideal solution for providing protection of metal products after wet sandblasting, acid cleaning or solvent cleaning.

  • Australian Made
  • Completely bio-degradable
  • Non- poisonous; non- inflammable, non- dangerous substance
  • Concentrated – just require 0.5%; 20L makes 4000L solution
  • Does not generally affect downstream processing such as painting or powder coating


Available in the following pack sizes

  • 20Litres
  • 10 Litres
  • 5 Litres

Rust Inhibitor (1)

RapidHold Superstrength Rust Inhibitor