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  • Long Venturi Nozzles - Boron Carbide

    Long Venturi Nozzles - Boron Carbide

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    Boron Carbide Nozzles

    Long venturi nozzles have a converging section, straight section and diffuser section. Compared with straight bore nozzles, they have a better function of gas dynamics, strong improvement in vortex and less pressure loss. Under the same pressure, the exit velocity of sandblasting materials almost doubles, resulting in higher momentum of the abrasives, increased impact energy and added effectiveness of cleaning. This series is widely used in sandblasting process with the requirements of long blasting distance, large cleaning area and huge impact.

    Inside                Length
    #4 1/4′′ (6.4mm)   | 130mm
    #5 5/16′′(7.9mm)  | 150mm
    #6 3/8′′ (9.5mm)  | 170mm
    #7 7/16′′(11.1mm) | 200mm
    #8 1/2′′ (12.7mm) | 210mm