ProSpray 3.23 skid
ProSpray 3.23 skid
ProSpray 3.23 skid
ProSpray 3.23 skid
ProSpray 3.23 skid
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ProSpray 3.23 skid

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The ProSpray 3.23 airless device is part of the robust ProSpray Generation 3 range of Electric Piston Pumps. The ProSpray 3.21 HEA airless piston pump from WAGNER is ideal. The ProSpray 3.23 comes with Electronic Spray Control (ESC), Flexible Suction System, High Pressure Filter, Pressure Gauge, Inlet Valve Depressor, Vector Grip Airless Gun, 15m Airless Hose, 517 HEA ProTip and Base, EMI Filter, Tool Kit, and Pump Protection Start-up Pack. A 5.7 Litre Hopper Accessory is also available 

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible suction system: for simple intake directly from the original container Innovative
  • HEA 517 nozzle: for a soft spray pattern up to 55% less overspray
  • Compact design and lightweight: 0.024“ nozzle size, 2.3 l/min Max. delivery rate, 16 kg weight
  • User-friendly: easy to operate and a simplification of settings options makes starting up easier.
  • Easy maintenance: Push-to-oil button and brushless direct current motor

Ideal for small to medium applications