ProSpray 3.25 low boy
ProSpray 3.25 low boy
ProSpray 3.25 low boy
ProSpray 3.25 low boy
ProSpray 3.25 low boy
ProSpray 3.25 low boy
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ProSpray 3.25 low boy

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The ProSpray 3.25 airless device is part of the robust ProSpray Generation 3 range of Electric Piston Pumps. It is a compact emulsion unit ideal for medium-sized objects. This comes in three versions, Skid, High boy, and Low boy, with an upgraded Digital Electronic Spray Control (DESC).  This comes with a Flexible Suction System, High-Pressure Filter, Pressure Gauge, Inlet Valve Depressor, Vector Grip Airless Gun, 15m Airless Hose, 517 TradeTip3 and Base, EMI Filter, and Tool Kit.

The low boy model comes with a retractable lower handle for increased convenience and easier storage.

Key Benefits:

  • DESC: With the digital display you can read out and handle machine data, consumption figures, runtimes and much more
  • Easy to Handle: Compact design for ease of transport space saving storage design
  • Easy maintenance: Push-to-oil button and brushless direct current motor
  • Inlet pusher value: High reliability and easy commissioning
  • HEA 517 nozzle: for a soft spray pattern
  • User-friendly: easy to operate and a simplification of settings options makes starting up easier.

Ideal for medium-sized applications