RapidHold Super Strength

RapidHold Super Strength

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RapidHold SuperStrength is a powerful concentrated water based rust inhibitor. It can
be used to prevent flash rusting of steel after it has been cleaned. Once applied on a
metal surface, it forms a non-greasy invisible film on the surface. The film passivates the
metal surface and inhibits the formation of superficial flash rust. RapidHoldTM
SuperStrength is perfectly suited for providing protection of metal products after wet
sand blasting.

Features and benefits
• RapidHoldTM SuperStrength can be diluted just with water in an immersion tank
and is very easy to use.
• It is non-poisonous and is not a dangerous substance.
• The application of RapidHoldTM SuperStrength does not generally affect
downstream processing such as painting or powder coating.
• RapidHoldTM SuperStrength is not inflammable and there is no risk of it catching

• In addition to providing protection for sandblasting, RapidHoldTM SuperStrength
has multiple applications including the treatment of metals after acid cleaning,
alkaline cleaning or solvent cleaning.
• The principal component is Boric Acid, reaction products with ethanolamine and

Directions for usage and storage:
• The recommended dosage is 0.5% RapidHoldTM SuperStrength(1Litre to 200
Litres of water).
• The recommended Immersion Tank water temperature is 70 degrees
• The corrosion protection obtained may vary depends on the storage conditions
and steel type. It is normal for steel to develop flash rusting if not painted within
2-3 days.
• Suggested storage – store in a dry, cool place. Limit external storage to 3-5 days.